Best Quality Cattle Feed Supplements in India

If you are a cattle owner, then you are already aware of the benefits of cattle feed supplements. They are beneficial for your animals and should be fed regularly to them to make sure that their daily nutritional requirements are met. Nutrition is critical for the growth and maintenance of your animals, as it provides them with the energy, they require to complete all of their tasks. 

Also, it is very important to feed these supplements or animal mineral mixture to your cattle on time so that they are utilised in the best manner. Such cattle feed supplements provide minerals, vitamins, calcium, probiotics, etc in the right quantities for your cattle. 

Cattle Feed Supplements- Benefits

Overall Development:

Cattle Feed Supplements increase the production capacity of farm animals, enhance fertility, and lead to proper skeletal development. They help fill in those nutrients in your animal’s diet that they are lacking, to improve their life.

Excretion of Waste:

Along with the cattle feed supplements, water is also essential, as it helps transport products and waste throughout the body. The amount of water that is required by an animal’s body depends on its body size and species. Cattle need energy for growth, maintenance, reproduction, and the production of milk.

Provides Energy:

The deficiency of nutrients in your animal’s diet is quite noticeable, like an inability to stand, less milk production, loss of weight, unhealthy calves, etc. Cattle Feed Supplements are rich in carbohydrates that release energy that is used by the animal for important life activities.

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Important Nutrients Found In Cattle Feed Supplements Some of the nutrients that surely need to be in feed supplements for cattle are listed below-


This is essential for growth and reproduction. In comparison to older animals, the younger ones need more protein in their diet. Proteins are composed of amino acids, which contain nitrogen and sometimes sulphur. This nutrient makes sure that your cattle stay healthy for a long time.


The important minerals for cattle are sodium, calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, potassium, etc. They are necessary to carry out biochemical reactions inside the animal’s body and to maintain acidity levels in the body fluid. They help in the time of blood clotting.

Trace minerals

These types of veterinary mineral mixture are required in very small quantities by the animals. They have to be specific in quantity, as their excess or deficiency can cause major problems for your livestock.


Veterinary Mineral Mixture- Examples of the minerals important in feed are
  • Iron,
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc,
  • Iodine,
  • Manganese, and
  • Copper.

Why Are Additional Nutritional Requirements Necessary For Cattle Growth?

As a cattle owner, it is your wholesome responsibility to take care of your cattle. The most important thing that has to be kept in mind is the diet requirements of your cattle. The following are the reasons why additional nutrition is needed so that you can consider what type of veterinary pharmaceutical products is best-

  • Certain nutrients are required by the cattle’s body for digestion, tissue repair, and other daily requirements.
  • The muscle-to-fat ratio is different for all animals, and that is why the nutritional requirements also fluctuate and have an influence on growth.
  • The milk production in cattle depends on the nutritional aspects. When nutrition-rich additives are given, milk production is more of good quality.
  • The dietary requirements are greater during pregnancy, and that is why it is important to provide enough nutrients to the cattle and young ones. This will help in growth.

Why is Veterinary Mineral Mixture Important for Your Animals?

Veterinary Mineral Mixture is an important nutrient for overall animal health. In total, 17 minerals are required by cattle for proper growth and they are divided into two groups: macro and trace minerals. This specialized blend is formulated to provide essential minerals that may be lacking in animals’ regular diets.

Enhances Growth

With a Veterinary Mineral Mixture, farmers can ensure that their livestock receives a balanced nutritional intake, promoting optimal growth, reproductive health, and overall vitality. Veterinary Feed supplements also helps in bone, tooth formation, and carbohydrate metabolism. 

Prevents the Spread of Bacteria

The animal mineral mixture makes sure that viruses and bacteria do not spread and do not take a toll on your animal’s health. Contains a balanced mixture of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and trace elements including zinc and copper, Animal Mineral Mixture delivers a targeted nutritional boost. 

Animal Mineral Mixture That Improves Appetite

It is important to provide the right nutrition to your livestock through the animal mineral mixture. A Veterinary Mineral Mixture helps to improve the appetite and digestion of your cattle. Moreover, it improves the reproductive efficiency of your livestock. Animal Mineral Mixture is a fundamental component of modern animal husbandry, providing a comprehensive solution to common nutritional challenges.

The right type of cattle feed supplements should have copper, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A, D3, B12, and natural herbs.

Some Important Vitamins For Cattle Growth

One of the most important nutrients that cattle need is vitamin A. They are good for bone development and eyesight. If vitamin A is deficient, then it can lead to night blindness and fertility problems. Sometimes you keep your animals indoors, and that is why they don’t have access to the sunshine vitamin, which is vitamin D. This vitamin is important for animals’ strong bones, and its deficiency can lead to rickets. In addition to this, Vitamin E is essential to carry out interrelated functions inside the body.

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The demand for cattle feed supplements and veterinary mineral mixtures or animal mineral mixtures has increased in the recent past. This is because more people are inclined towards the concept of rearing cattle. It is very important to make sure that proper nutritional requirements are followed. The cattle feed should be rich in all types of vitamins, minerals, and other organic compounds that are needed for the proper growth and maintenance of your livestock. Therefore, you must choose the right cattle feed in a manner that there has been increased milk productivity and the cattle are fit and healthy.

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