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Welcome to Vetpolis

Vetpolis as the name indicates is a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Marketing company based in North India with its roots in London, United Kingdom.

Vetpolis is a leading veterinary pharma company focused on developing affordable and high quality medicine for livestock, Poultry and pets.

Every product by Vetpolis is an example of quality backed by international standards, we would like to be values not just for our pharmaceutical products but also the way we provide world class feed supplement for best care of the livestock and poultry.

With extremely qualified team having cumulative exposure of more than 100 years & robust research and development wing, every product at Vetpolis is unique in its own to meet the diverse need of animal suffering from variety of diseases & make the world a great placed to live for them.

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Mr. Jatinder Sharda (MD)

Vetpolis Lifesciences Pvt.Ltd.

Our Vision

To lead Asian Animal Healthcare industry with our high-quality product and services

Our Mission

Caring for the speechless by delivery high quality safe and effective products for animals & pets hence enrich their quality of life & their performance for the families that depend on them.


Range of Products

Our R&D team studies the market trends and comes up with innovative and better ideas to provide the best animal healthcare products.


We make sure that the best quality raw materials, along with the latest tools and technology, are used in all our manufacturing practices.

On-Time Delivery

Our logistics team ensures that there is timely delivery of all our products, and we are always looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers.

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