Best Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products: Animal Health and Well-Being

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products

The veterinary pharmaceutical industry is currently growing in India, and this is all because of the major developments and advancements in technology. Choosing the right veterinary pharmaceutical products plays an important role in improving the health of your livestock and their overall well-being.

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    Some of the well-known veterinary pharmaceutical products include

    • Cattle feed,
    • Veterinary feed,
    • Feed supplements,
    • Veterinary injections,
    • Veterinary boluses,
    • Veterinary calcium
    • Supplements, and more.
    Categories Of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products

    Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products- What are the main categories we offer?

    1. Feed Supplements

    Most of the nutrients that are important for your livestock are provided to them through their diet. When you offer the right diet to your livestock, it has a positive impact on the growth of their bones and muscles.

    Some of the nutrients that are not present in the diet of your animals are given to them through feed supplements. Such feed supplements have vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. There are certain probiotics in the veterinary feed supplements that promote faster growth. They provide your livestock with nutrients that might be absent from their primary diet.

    Feed supplements also help with digestion problems and lead to better productivity.
    Some of our top-selling feed supplements are:
    • Morefat Powder 400gm
    • Vetzester Liquid 500ml
    • Irodaily Syrup 500ml
    • Becobov Syrup 500ml
    • Vetpolis-H 250ml

    2. Cattle Feed

    This is made in such a manner that the dietary needs of the cattle are met, so that there is balanced nutrition for growth, milk production, and overall well-being. Cattle feeds have high-energy grains like corn and barley that provide essential carbohydrates, which ultimately result in instant energy. The protein supplements in the diet help with muscle development and milk production.

    On the other hand, a cattle diet contains certain minerals like calcium and phosphorus that support metabolic functions. Further, to prevent deficiencies in livestock, cattle feed supplements have vitamins like A, E, etc. Therefore, choosing the right cattle feed supplements for your livestock is important to keep them healthy and fit.

    Some of our effective cattle feeds are:
    • Irodaily Syrup 500ml
    • Bovilax Suspension 450ml
    • Becobov Syrup 500ml
    • Impro Best® XP Liquid
    • Vetropolis Liquid
    • Vetpolis-H 250ml
    • Rumiheat Liquid 300ml

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    3. Veterinary Bolus

    A veterinary bolus is a large cylindrical tablet or capsule designed for oral administration to livestock, delivering medication directly to the rumen and ensuring precise dosage and extended release of active ingredients.

    This product contains antibiotics, antiparasitics, or other agents to treat and prevent specific diseases. Some of the common ingredients in it are calcium and magnesium, which are vital and prevent deficiencies in livestock. Some of the boluses are designed in such a manner that they release active ingredients slowly over a period of time.

    Our effective veterinary boluses are:
    • Bovinimu-P Bolus 40 Boluses
    • Zozobend Bolus 1*1 Bolus
    • Zozobend Plus Bolus 1*1Bolus
    • Fvanda Bolus 1 Bolus
    • Bovitin Bolus 10 Boluses

    3. Veterinary Injections

    Veterinary injections, as we all know, are the most common way of delivering medications directly to the animal’s bodies. People prefer them because they act rapidly and release active ingredients quickly. Intramuscular injection administers vaccines and pain relievers directly into muscle tissue.

    Important- Intravenous, on the other hand, injects the medication directly into the vein and then goes into the bloodstream. In emergencies, they are primarily used. For tuberculosis screening or allergy testing, healthcare providers inject the medication directly into the dermis, located just below the epidermis.

    Some of our veterinary injections are:
    • Hacbac® Vet 3GM Injection
    • Minobee 100ml Injection
    • Maxcam-P Injection 100ml
    • C Polis Injection 100ml
    • Enrozip-F Injection 100ml
    • Bovinimu Vet Injection 100ml
    • Curapolis Injection 3ml
    • Methylovet Injection 100ml

    4. Veterinary Calcium Supplements

    Calcium supplements are vital and need to be included in the diet of your livestock. Calcium is vital for various bodily functions like bone formation, blood clotting, muscle contractions, etc. When there is a deficiency of calcium in the diet of livestock, it could lead to muscle weakness, skeletal deformities, etc. Veterinary calcium supplements are available in oral forms like tablets, powders, liquids, etc. In cases where there are severe calcium deficiencies, like milk fever, injectable calcium supplements are given to treat your livestock faster.

    Note: Excess calcium is not a good factor when it comes to treating your cattle; there should be a balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio.

    Some of the effective Veterinary calcium supplements
    • Calamoo Gel 300ml
    • Calamoo -DS 1 Liter

    What are the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing and Safety Standards We Follow?

    At Vetpolis, we manufacture high-quality veterinary pharmaceutical products. We keep all safety and quality standards in mind when it comes to delivering the right products to your livestock. We make sure that all our products are tested regularly for quality and that their manufacturing is in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

    In addition to this, the after-usage reports are also compiled so that the right analysis is done. For the manufacturing process, our team ensures that the sourcing of raw materials, formulation development, production, and packaging are all taken care of. We have a research and development wing that studies the veterinary industry and comes up with better and more effective products that are much needed in this industry.


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    What are some effective veterinary pharmaceutical products for treating 5 common animal diseases?

    Effective Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products for Some Common Animal Diseases
    1. Canine Distemper
    This disease is caused by the canine distemper virus and spreads through airborne exposure such as coughing, sneezing, or getting in touch with an infected animal. Some of its symptoms include nasal discharge, coughing, fever, and a reduced appetite. For this disease, vaccination is the most effective preventive measure.
    2. Rabies
    This disease is caused by a lyssavirus, the rabies virus. The initial symptoms are behavioural changes and lethargy. After some time, it leads to other serious symptoms like excessive salivation, aggression, paralysis, and fear of water. It usually spreads through the saliva of infected animals via animal bites. Vaccination is very important, and avoiding contact with infected and wild animals is necessary.
    3. Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

    This is caused by a retrovirus, which is the Feline Leukemia virus. Some of the symptoms associated with it are weight loss, pale gums, persistent fever, lethargy, etc. It is usually transmitted through the saliva, urine, blood, faeces, etc of the infected cats. Vaccination can be given to prevent it, and cats should be kept indoors so that there is no contact with infected ones.

    4. Bovine Tuberculosis
    This is caused by the Mycobacterium bovis bacterium and spreads through direct contact and the ingestion of contaminated food and water. Some of the symptoms associated with it are weight loss, fever, chronic cough, swollen lymph nodes, etc. Some of the prevention measures for it are regular testing of infected animals and maintaining good hygiene.
    5. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)
    The foot and mouth disease virus, a picornavirus, causes this disease. Symptoms include fever, lameness, reduced milk production in dairy animals, and blisters in the mouth and on the foot. This is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact with the infected person.

    Get the Best Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products from Vetpolis

    Thus, it is very essential to choose the right veterinary pharmaceutical products so that your livestock stays in the best of their health. This includes a wide range of veterinary boluses, veterinary injections, cattle feed supplements, feed supplements, calcium feed supplements, and more.

    Get in touch with the team at Vetpolis if you are looking for more information regarding veterinary feed supplements or animal pharmaceutical products. 

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