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The veterinary sector is one of the main segments of the pharmaceutical industry. As people become more aware of the needs and requirements of their livestock and pets, the demand for high quality veterinary products is increasing. Vetpolis is the best PCD veterinary company in Chennai and manufactures products that keeps your livestock and pets fit and healthy. All our products are made with unique formulations and are curated in a manner that takes care of the needs and requirements of all animals. As the competition in the market is huge, so setting up your own veterinary company can be difficult, this is where our team can help you out.

Our research and development team studies the veterinary industry and comes up with products that are good for your livestock. As we have our inhouse logistics team they ensure that all the products will reach you on time and we don’t want that our customers should wait unnecessarily. When it comes to the quality of our products, we never compromise in any manner and want the best for your livestock. It is all because of the hard work of our professionals that we are the best PCD veterinary company in Chennai.


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    Product Range For PCD Veterinary Company In Chennai

    When it comes to products, we have a diverse range at Vetpolis. All our products are made with fine ingredients and manufactured in the latest units. When it comes to storage, our products are kept in a neat and dry place. Some of our products are Some of the top-selling medicines are Enrozip, Enrozip-F, Fnix, Furyzing, Fvanda Bolus, Fvanda-Plus, Genmust, Hacbac® Vet, Hacbac®-S, Hepapolis, Impro Best® XP, Irodaily, Kprofen, Mastipolis, Maxcam, Maxcam-P, Maxcam-P Bolus, Maxcam-SP Bolus, Methylovet, Minobee, Minromax Gold, Oxixy, Penpolis, Relavil, Rumiheat, Rumiheat Bolus, Spaspolis, TZ-Cypro, Vetpolis-H, Vetropolis, Vetzester, Vetzobet, Zozobend Bolus, and Zozobend Plus.

    Why To Choose Vetpolis?

    As a livestock owner, you must select the best veterinary products for your animals. As animals like to roam around in open spaces, they come into contact with infections and diseases. As people are becoming more aware about the health of their livestock, they are looking for better healthcare products. When they are in good health and shape, they produce eggs, milk, and meat that is high in nutrients. As owners are looking for better healthcare facilities for their animals, there is a rapid advancement in the veterinary sector.


    One Time Delivery

    As all our products are manufactured and stored in our own units, we can easily cater to all types of orders. All our units are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. We have our own logistics team working on all the orders and keeping track of the shipment. Whether a bulk or a small order, our professional team will ensure that everything is carried out in the right manner.


    Fine Ingredients

    We at Vetpolis use the best ingredients that are available in all our products. when it comes to safety and security of our animals we never compromise in any manner. We believe that in order to generate profits out of this business, it is important that we take good care of our animals. It is essential to provide the right feed supplements to them.


    Years of Experience

    People rely on brand name and we have been working in the veterinary industry for past 20+ years. Due to the hard work of our team, we have established a name for ourselves in this field. Our research and development team keeps on coming up with better and new products and formulations that helps us to stay ahead in this segment of pharmaceutical industry.


    Reliable PCD Veterinary Company In Chennai

    With so many options available in the market when it comes to choosing the right PCD veterinary company in Chennai, you should choose wisely. Look out for all the factors like products, investment, profits and more. Vetpolis provides marketing collateral to all its franchise holders as well and we are currently operating across PAN India.

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